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The High Value Woman™


The High Value Woman™ knows a secret. There is a misguided belief that today’s woman must struggle to improve herself, her life and her business to reach some impossible ideal. Instead, when she stops trying to “fix” areas of her life, and focuses on her foundation and life as a WHOLE, she becomes a magnet to her desires.

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“The phoenix must burn to emerge.”
– Janet Fitch

For too long, women have carried shame and guilt from divorce. We feel like a failure if our relationship ends.

On today’s HVW Wisdom podcast, you’re going to discover how to stop feeling bad or like a failure because of your divorce or breakup.

Discover my simple 4-step proactive method to break free from the emotional trap we allow breakups and divorce to build around us…

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We’ve been told that envy, jealousy and anger can instantly lower your value as a woman—in love and business, but…

What if you could use them to be more POWERFUL, ATTRACTIVE and ACTUALLY RAISE your value?

On today’s HVW Wisdom podcast, you’re going to discover my elegant simple 3-step method to do just that…

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“Luck is a matter of preparation
meeting opportunity.”
― Seneca

Women who have reached a certain level of success say they have challenges attracting men who are an intellectual, spiritual, physical and financial match.

You must first prepare for the opportunities to show up. Because what you don’t know can hurt you—and repel the man you desire.

In today’s short High Value Woman™ Wisdom Podcast, you’ll discover:

  • The ONE SHIFT you must make to start being attractive to men your age. (Especially if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s+)
  • SIX TIPS to increase attraction, get a commitment and improve your relationship with your wealthy, high-caliber man…while being HIGH VALUE… 

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Fancy an “insider peek” inside conversations I’ve had with affluent men? 

In today’s High Value Woman™ Wisdom Podcast, you’ll discover 20 UNCOMMON TRAITS wealthy, high-caliber men desire…

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“Try not to become a man of success.
Rather become a man of value.”
― Albert Einstein

Ever wonder what instantly lowers your value and status with high-caliber, quality men and in relationships?

Lots of women are doing this—and they don’t have a clue.

In today’s short High Value Woman™ Wisdom Podcast, you’ll discover:

  • The ONE THING that separates high value women from low value women
  • 4 practical actions you can take right now to STOP showing low value…

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Power is like being a lady…if you have
to tell people you are, you aren’t.

~ Margaret Thatcher

Have you ever ‘lost yourself’ in a relationship? Have you let men ‘hijack’ your confidence in the past (or present)?

Have you found yourself showing up as the ‘plain vanilla’ version of yourself—because you were a tad bit intimidated—or felt a bit less than?

Never again.

Discover 5 rules to show up as a high value woman—and avoid losing yourself in relationships. 


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