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The High Value Woman™


The High Value Woman™ knows a secret. There is a misguided belief that today’s woman must struggle to improve herself, her life and her business to reach some impossible ideal. Instead, when she stops trying to “fix” areas of her life, and focuses on her foundation and life as a WHOLE, she becomes a magnet to her desires.

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Can you believe we’re already a week into the new year?! By now, 92% of people have given up on their resolutions. Only 8% follow through and get what they want. 

I used to be in the 92%, until I discovered ‘the Secret of the 8%.’ Legendary women like Oprah, Grace Kelly, Beyonce, Coco Chanel and others know this.

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Sometimes, holidays like Valentine’s Day, can leave you feeling left out.

In today’s podcast (complete with a chic workbook!), you’ll discover 3 ways to fully
 enjoy time alone & fall in love with your life.

Listen to today’s High Value Woman™ podcast to find out what it is. Once you do, you’ll become a woman who is magnetic to her desires… [click to continue…]


“I always play women I would date.”
– Angelina Jolie

vespa_01She looks like she’s dating herself!

Sometimes I catch myself being a b&$%… 

Not to others, but to myself. A few days ago, I was working on a project. It was getting frustrating. So much so, that I began saying some not-so-kind things to myself.

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“Too many women throw themselves into romance because they’re afraid of being single, then start making compromises and losing their identity. I won’t do that.”
– Julie Delpy

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“The whole ‘bad girl’ thing allows me to
mess up sometimes. And I have freedom to
say more of what I want to.”

– Ronda Rousey


Being a good girl has high costs:

…you can’t say what you want to say
…you say YES when you want to say NO (and NO when you want to say YES)
…you wait too long to break up with a man you no longer love because you don’t want to hurt him
…you don’t get what you really want (because you’re too “polite” to ask for it)
…you don’t ask for the raise
…you don’t wear that top you really like because others may think it’s “too revealing”

Your life is one endless session of people-pleasing.

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“That happened because I didn’t have enough
feelings of self-worth. So that I didn’t 
feel that… I was
worthy of being number one to a man.”
- Monica Lewinsky


One of the undeniable truths is that we women train men how to treat us.
Especially when it comes to your love life. Why? Because from the very start a man is examining you [click to continue…]

“What a person feels within themselves and about themselves radiates from them. Trust me, I have worked with people – both men and women – who are not what most would consider conventionally attractive, but who exude such a magnetism about them that people are compelled to watch them on stage or screen.”
- Amanda Schull

Jennifer Lawrence congratulating Lupita Nyong’o on her Oscar® win

Have you seen the rows of magazines sharing “secrets” on how to be more attractive, sexier or make men like you. Tons of books have been written on how to win a man’s heart, how to “catch him” or how to make him stay. 

Some work. Some don’t. 

What really disturbs me is how superficial and damaging they can be. How much power they ask you to give away. This is the advice young girls world-wide are growing up with!

In fact, I read one Oscar winning actress’s shocking confession.

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