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{Podcast #4} 20 Uncommon Traits Affluent High-Caliber Men Desire

Fancy an “insider peek” inside conversations I’ve had with affluent men? 

In today’s High Value Woman™ Wisdom Podcast, you’ll discover 20 UNCOMMON TRAITS wealthy, high-caliber men desire…

Believe it or not, successful, high value men have a tough time finding the right, high value woman.

Quantity does NOT equal quality. Beauty is important, yet it can’t be the base of a solid, long-lasting relationship. (Which is why you see some high-caliber men with plain-looking women)

Here are 20 HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE things that DO last…

Your Next Steps…

Take 60 seconds to share your opinion, story or a question with me in the comment area below. I read each one.

Do you have challenges meeting high-caliber men? Do you have challenges once you’ve met them? Let me know.

You’re a member of the High Value Woman tribe and your opinions matter.

With love and in service,


Rhonda “Be Uncommon” Cort

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12 comments… add one
  • Alice

    Rhonda, you are so fabulous! Your content is rich, spot on, and beautifully articulated. I am thrilled to be partnering with you. 😀

    Here’s to a spectacular week!

    • Rhonda

      Thank you Alice! I look forward to our work together. Have a fabulous week 😉

  • Paula

    Very insightful. Sometimes I think I am a little tooo busy for the men in my age group. Your comment about continuing the learning process is right on.


    • Rhonda


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Men in their 40’s, 50’s & beyond tell me they can’t find women their age who can keep up with them. So I know that no matter your age, there are the right, high-caliber men who would fit with your lifestyle.


  • Emily

    Thank you for your valuable insight Rhonda! Your encouragement is so helpful! I have met a high caliber man but he is currently traveling and very busy. I want very much to connect with him more. He calls me when he can but I wish it was more often. In the meantime I am focusing on myself. Any advice you have on how to build my connection with him long distance would be helpful. Thank you.

    • Rhonda


      You’re welcome. I don’t know the details, so I’m assuming this is a newer relationship. So I’ll respond from that perspective. You wrote two key things: (1) He’s currently traveling and very busy (2) He calls when he can.

      The good news is that it seems he’s making an effort. I also assume he’s not always traveling and very busy. It may just be a busy period. The best thing to do is to focus on yourself, live a life you LOVE and listen to this podcast.

      Now if this IS his lifestyle, you have three options: (1) Accept him and his lifestyle “as is” without lament (2) At the APPROPRIATE moment, talk about what you BOTH desire in terms of time spent together. (3) Date someone who desires to spend the same amount of time together.

      Here’s the BARE NAKED TRUTH: No matter how busy, famous, important or rich a man is, he WILL MAKE time for the woman he truly loves and values.


  • Shinelle

    Hmm, now I was wondering what new could be said, since I think I work hard on myself, and though I feel I’m high value to some extent, I was still able to learn from your podcast and see things that I can apply to make myself more appealing to others. Thank you so much.

    • Rhonda


      You’re welcome. Remember this is something you are being for yourself, NEVER for a man or just to attract a man. When you own, feel and emanate a strong sense of your own appeal and value, EVERYONE takes notice. It’s a lovely side effect 😉


  • Karen

    Thanks for the podcast: very interesting!! Definitely food for thought there!


    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Karen! xx

  • Sarah

    Some good advice Rhonda. Love how you point out that it’s not about tips or tricks, but about actually being a high value person, human being and woman. So good to hear the reminder on boundaries, and that part of honesty is speaking your mind. Am not a wallflower but find that something is missing these days in teaching women how to treat a man. Little boys are sometimes taught how to teach a lady but it doesn’t seem as common to teach women how to treat men. In that frame it’s not about dominance, giving in to a$$holes or any of those other notions that cause a little soul panic … Instead it puts the woman in control of her own behaviour and life. A good listen.

  • Mary Ann

    Hi Rhonda,

    I loved this podcast. What I liked best is how you blew the misconception that I had about high value men only wanting a certain type of woman, e.g. 20-something Barbie doll “cool” type. I also liked how you brought home the message that self love and being a good person are what really attracts a truly alpha high value man. Thank you for sharing this! I can’t wait to share this with my loved ones who are also wanting to know how to attract a great love into their life!

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