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{Podcast #5} 7 Things You Must Know to Successfully Meet, Date & Be the Mate of a Wealthy, High-Caliber Man

“Luck is a matter of preparation
meeting opportunity.”
― Seneca

Women who have reached a certain level of success say they have challenges attracting men who are an intellectual, spiritual, physical and financial match.

You must first prepare for the opportunities to show up. Because what you don’t know can hurt you—and repel the man you desire.

In today’s short High Value Woman™ Wisdom Podcast, you’ll discover:

  • The ONE SHIFT you must make to start being attractive to men your age. (Especially if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s+)
  • SIX TIPS to increase attraction, get a commitment and improve your relationship with your wealthy, high-caliber man…while being HIGH VALUE… 

Your Next Steps…

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I read each one & respond to as many as my schedule permits.

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With love and in service,


Rhonda “Be High Value” Cort

P.S. Get instant access to “10 Insider Secrets to Attract & Date Wealthy, High-caliber Men”


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  • Margareta

    Hi Rhonda! i love your work, you’re amazing!! 🙂 I’m in a relationship with a man who is moving up in his career. (We’re both 24 years old) I’m moving toward my dream job interior designing & he is currently in the car business as a finance manager. I get jealous at times when i think about him becoming successful and start attracting a lot of attention both good and bad. (Mostly from other woman) He is a very loyal man, but i cant help get nervous / jealous thinking about it. This is the man i want to grow old with.. what is your advice?

    • Rhonda

      Thank you Margareta!

      That’s a VERY common situation. Especially when we’re younger…or if we don’t fully, truly KNOW and OWN our value as women.

      There’s something I’d like to share with you. It’s a RADICALLY different way of looking at this. It’s too much to share here, so I’ll record a new podcast soon. Keep an eye open for it!


  • Karen

    Thank you for your email Rhonda, I enjoyed listening to the podcast… although, it does remind me of the oh so many negatives about dating an affluent man, pretensiousness being at the top of the list. I am a very HVW, love my own company and as you know, it’s not that easy to achieve this status without some “educational experiences” via universal gifts. It is because I am an HVW that the priorities I look for in a man are attractiveness and intelligence with a kind heart, great sense of humor, a decent paying job and of course, the desire, time and availability to be in a relationship. For any HVW to sacrifice basic relationship needs like partnership and companionship is contradictory and to suggest that it’s ok for a HVW to sacrifice or stuff down emotional relationship security for affluence would be considered shallow and disingenuous showing low self-esteem, not high-value. Peace❤️ Karen

    • Rhonda


      You’re welcome. Funny enough, I know loads of affluent, wealthy and high/ultra high network men and I don’t encounter any pretentiousness. I’m not negating your experience. What each of us is experiencing is valid and no one can take that away from us. You’ve likely heard that the situations and people we attract are a reflection of: (1) Who we are being and/or (2) What we believe or are focused on. This is something powerful to keep in mind.

      I’m not sure where the “sacrificing basic relationship needs for affluence” came from as I never suggested this. I’m guessing you may have done this in the past (or have seen friends do so) and just wanted to share. I do agree that a HVW should always have high standards and never sacrifice her needs–for anything or anyone. Ever.

      With love and in service,


  • Margareta

    Thank you very much for the response Rhonda 🙂 I can’t wait for the podcast on jealousy. You mentioned you are not a jealous women, have you ever been? If so, how have you grown to overcome jealousy? I don’t get jealous all the time but there defiantly is moments i feel it strongly. How can we fully, truly know and own our value as women? Please share it with us in your upcoming podcast. Thank you!!

  • Hi, Rhonda! This is the first time I’ve read your work and it makes a lot of sense. I do think men whether older or younger want older women to be like the way you described. Thank you so much for this!

    • Rhonda

      Germaine, glad this served you. Welcome to The High Value Woman™ tribe! xx

  • Jennifer

    Hi, Rhonda;

    I loved this podcast, and I definitely appreciate the emails. This resonates with me on many levels. For starters, I’ve been scared to date, so I just fell into a relationship with a man who was not very good to me, but I thought he’s the best I deserved. After this first relationship ended in flames; I realized I wasnt very approachable. I decided to look at what I could do, and I started being more social; It’s amazing the people you meet just being more social and talkative in a non-loquacious way. Haha. Secondly, I think any man worth dating or one day marrying would appreciate these qualities. I’m glad I found your site; I love to learn from others.

  • Ava

    Thank you so much for the tips! I think I just met a perfect guy of my own age, he was perfect except that I felt he wasn’t putting enough time on me, I tried to adjust to become more independent, but finally I felt I need more caring and company from him. So we broke up. Now I see that I need to be more self-sufficient to be with a charming, ambitious and passionate guy.

  • Sylvia


    Thanks so much for this podcast! You simply rock! This was so insightful, especially the reminder that there are men out there who are over 50 and want to date women their age. Your energy and confidence are awe inspiring and simply magnificent!!!

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Sylvia. I’m glad it got you focused on the fact that the right men for you do exist. I’m thrilled to support you on your journey!

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