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90 “Feel So Desirable You’ll Want To Date Yourself” Mantras

“I always play women I would date.”
– Angelina Jolie

vespa_01She looks like she’s dating herself!

Sometimes I catch myself being a b&$%… 

Not to others, but to myself. A few days ago, I was working on a project. It was getting frustrating. So much so, that I began saying some not-so-kind things to myself.

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever been frustrated with yourself? Rushing because you lost your keys? Annoyed because your hair isn’t looking so hot (and you have a date with a man you like)?

Perhaps you said something silly at work and felt foolish? Perhaps your babysitter cancelled at the last minute? Perhaps you gained a few pounds and they’re sticking to you like superglue — no matter what you do?
Ever felt like (no matter what you did) you couldn’t get back to feeling confident, sexy and irresistible?


In these moments,there is something super-powerful (and simple) you can do to reclaim your power AND start feeling so desirable you’d want to date yourself!


And here’s a great “side effect”…

This will skyrocket your attraction — not just to any man– but to men who are high-caliber, emotionally open, successful and loving).

Now what woman doesn’t want that!?

So the next time you’re not feeling attractive and things aren’t going your way:

Take a breath.
Step back.
Repeat a mantra.

Over and over and over again.

I know this may sound a little woo-woo and out there — but bear with me. This is part of the powerful Femina Energy every woman already possesses inside (including you).

And that is the energy I tapped into. I left my Entrepreneur Energy and tapped into my Femina Energy.

I stopped working and said to myself, “Rhonda, what you complete today is enough.”

When you know how to tap into all four magnetic energies we women have inside of us, life can start to flow in the blink of an eye! Really.

Otherwise, we give in to the “mean girl voices” in our heads. The bullies. And if you don’t stop them immediately, soon you’re out of control. In a bad mood and even snapping at others.

Not very magnetic, feminine or confident.

So to get you started, here are 90 mantras I wrote for you. If you use them regularly, you’ll be feeling so desirable and powerful – you’ll want to date yourself (love that Angelina quote)!

After you read through them and pick a couple that resonate with you, get the party started:

1) Leave a comment below sharing which one is your favorite
2) And if you have one of your own, share it with my by posting it below

I’d love to read it!  I’ll also comment on as many as I can.


    • Because I love myself, I don’t need you to.
    • I don’t need your approval. Mine is sufficient.
    • I seize the day in every way.
    • I am enough. Period.
    • There is no rush.
    • Breathe. Relax. Breathe.
    • I love my body. It loves me.
    • I don’t have to be a good girl.
    • Fabulous opportunities are drawn to me.
    • I am an elegant hustler.
    • Everything works together for my good.
    • Nothing is permanent. This moment shall pass.
    • I love every aspect of me.
    • I take a break when I feel like it.
    • I make decisions fast, and change them slowly.
    • I keep my love tank full.
    • I genuinely compliment other women regularly.
    • I inspire my girlfriends to ____________________.
    • When all else fails, pray.
    • I am supported by the universe.
    • The end of a relationship is not the end of my world.
    • I won’t stop loving me because he did.
    • A man is not the end all be all.
    • I am self-sufficient.
    • I will make my environment beautiful.
    • I am a free woman.
    • A man must earn the right to my heart.
    • My girlfriends support me. I support them.
    • I keep my head held high.
    • I speak up for myself.
    • I always have time for my girlfriends.
    • If it hurts, it’s not okay.
    • I ask for what I want.
    • I am confident, cool and collected.
    • Everything I need is here.
    • I respond. I don’t react.
    • It is not my job to please him.
    • I am responsible for what happens in my life.
    • I will not tolerate disrespect.
    • My body is a precious asset, I will not squander it.
    • My past does not define me.
    • I say what’s on my mind.
    • I am a high value woman men respect.
    • I love myself too much to settle.
    • Patience. The right man is on his way.
    • It is okay to want a wealthy partner.
    • I choose the best for myself and others.
    • I take me-cations regularly.
    • The answer will come.
    • I am not cheap with myself.
    • I trust myself to make the right decision.
    • My messes become successes.
    • I enjoy the journey.
    • Dating is fun.
    • I meet amazing, high-caliber men often.
    • I surround myself with positive, upbeat people.
    • I go for my dreams.
    • I am not picky. I just know what I want.
    • High-caliber men are everywhere.
    • I tap into my intuition.
    • I am not confused. I’m finding my path.
    • There is no hurry.
    • I have so much to be thankful for, especially _____________.
    • I expect the best.
    • A beautiful future is coming my way.
    • I wait for a man who is worthy of me.
    • When in doubt, be still.
    • I am gorgeous!
    • I refuse to buy into others’ limited thinking.
    • I have all the resources available to do anything I desire.
    • I say “yes, and”, not either/or.
    • I think investment, not cost.
    • I open my heart to receiving love.
    • I am an amazingly smart woman.
    • Pleasure is a daily practice.
    • I listen 80% and speak 20%.
    • Alone, I am complete.
    • Men discover me slowly. I pace them.
    • I don’t need to explain myself.
    • There is no such thing as rejection. There are only preferences.
    • Relax. An easier path is available to me.
    • The answer comes to me intuitively.
    • I am a brilliant woman.
    • I am not a girl. I am a whole woman.
    • I appreciate my sexual power.
    • I take time off regularly.
    • ‘No’ is a complete sentence.
    • I eat to live, not live to eat.
    • When I look good, I feel good.
    • I am excited about the woman I am becoming. 

Which one is your favorite? Do you have one to add?
Share it in the comment area below.


P.S. I’ll be back to respond to as many comments as possible.


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42 comments… add one
  • Stacy

    My favorite one is I refuse to buy into others limited thinking .

  • Rhonda

    Yes, that’s great one Stacy 🙂

  • virginia

    alone am complete. man must earn a place in my heart. and most of all I am a free woman. I pleasure myself.

    your statements and affirmations are all great. I would say all say something about me.

    your website is really wonderful and empowering to us women.

    thanks much. love it

    • Rhonda

      Good choices Virginia! You’re welcome.
      Stay in your power.


  • Sheila

    Wow Rhonda,
    So glad I found you! There are so many wonderful quotes above its hard to pick, but I’m going to go with, ” I am ENOUGH. Period.” Tis true indeed.
    Thank you!

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Sheila!

      I’m glad you found our tribe. I wanted to make it hard to pick. It’s all about abundance 😉 You could have a different “mantra” each day for 3 months.


  • malika Ailes

    I love this one because its all me!!! I am excited on the woman I’m becoming

    I love that affirmation!
    Thanks Rhonda

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Malika! You chose a great one. Here’s to the new, high value you! ~ Rhonda

  • Evie

    I don’t need to explain myself.
    Men discover me slowly. I pace them.

    (I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut around men, and am finally making some headway with mystique – my least dominant characteristic. But the first one – over explaining and over apologizing – I do that with everyone else (besides men.)
    What you do with everyone else matters too. If any change you make is one that’s consistent with everyone, men will believe you’ve always been this way 🙂

    Thanks Rhonda, for your 90 mantras. I feel like I’m in a gelato shop, can taste every single flavor, and can design my own cone without putting getting fat 🙂

    • Renee Pritchett

      I like your comments about keeping your mouth shut around men, and making changes around others, as well as men. Good insight! I also loved your simile about the gelato shop! 🙂

    • Rhonda

      Wonderful Evie! Keep trying new flavors 🙂

  • pat

    Alone, I am complete…is my favorite.
    My personal one is…Live your life to the fullest, he will come to you.

  • pat

    Love your website.
    Alone, I am complete…is my favorite.
    My personal one is…Live your life to the fullest, he will come to you.

  • Bec S

    I AM NOT CONFUSED, I’M FINDING MY PATH”! Hit the nail on the head!

    • Rhonda

      Yay! I love that one too. We ladies can often fall into this ‘I’m so confused’ mindset. It keeps us disempowered. When we reframe it as ‘finding our path,’ then solutions we never thought of show up.

  • Christina

    I have to agree with Sheila above. There are so many good mantras to choose from. I would also choose ‘I am enough’ or ‘I am complete; or ‘I am fulfilled’. I love the ‘I am’ statements! I will continue my quest to become A High Value Woman! Thank you.

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome! Christina, the good thing is you can ‘try a new one out’ every day…or even hour, if you like 🙂

  • Tricia Cooper

    Hi Rhonda.
    I found u in the perfect time. My new year resolution is to become a high value woman and today I read one of your articles. I look forward to bring a part if the tribe as you say.
    My favourite affirmation is I can do all things throught Christ who strengthens me.

    • Rhonda

      Tricia, I’m always pleasantly surprised at the perfect timing in our lives. Everything shows up when we are truly ready. Stay beautiful!

  • naudia

    I recently started my journey with the law of attraction and positive affirmations. I personally told myself daily that “I am a magnificent expression of divine artistry, I am a masterpiece”. I remember one morning I felt ugly when heading out to work. No make up, no nice hair-d0. I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror and then repeated my mantra. To my amazement, my cab driver seemed to be in awe, he kept exclaiming how beautiful I looked, how I was glowing etc etc.

    Nothing good break me that day!

    • Rhonda

      Oh, that’s a beautiful one Nadia! I’m not surprised by what happened with the cab driver. The energy and thoughts we hold about ourselves are stronger than any makeup we can apply. Years a go, I started purposely going without makeup because I felt I was getting ‘dependent’ upon it. Now I can use it—or go without. Either way, I still feel beautiful! xo

  • Dee

    I am well protected!

    • Rhonda

      Love it Dee! And, yes, you are protected.

  • chinwe

    All things work for my good

  • Renee Pritchett

    So many good ones! Hard to choose. I will definitely use a lot of them! Thank you!
    I also like these:
    I feel good about myself.
    I am beautiful just as I am.

    • Rhonda

      Oh, those are juicy Renee! Thanks for adding them.

  • Sharon Harrison

    Nothing is permanent, this moment will pass, resonates with me currently as I’m in the middle of a breakup because I decided not to settle x

    • Rhonda

      Yes, it shall pass Sharon. Embrace the full range of emotions. You will heal. Thank you for having the courage to not settle for less than you desire. You are making a difference in the lives of women around you. xo

  • Bev

    I love all the mantras. The one that stood out the most to me is: ‘There is no such thing as rejection. There is only preferences.’ This ties in to several other of the mantras as well. I feel it is a building block, if you will, of thinking better about oneself. Love it.

  • Jaqueline

    Thanks for your marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author. I want to encourage other women to read your great posts, have a nice weekend!

  • rhy

    I am wonderful in every way!

  • Thanks for this, Rhonda! It really helps me a lot allowing myself for a healthy self-talk. I printed this mantras and posted it in my wall. Every time I read the mantras, I feel motivated, empowered, sexy and confident. You’re so awesome, Rhonda!

    I would like to ask if what’s the difference of being a high value woman and being a high maintenance woman?

  • Wolfess

    These are a few I like to use, especially at this point in time in my life.
    “I am the selector not the selectee.”
    “He who wants my heart must earn it.”
    “I am radiant and can have any man I wish.”
    “Knowledge is power, keep reading. ”
    “As long as I believe I can conquer.”

  • Leela

    “I am an elegant hustler” gotta be my favourite! :))
    Thank you, Rhonda!

  • Julie Francisco

    I struggle daily with negative talk from myself. I try to tell that voice to, “shut up.” But I will work on making a new habit of firing back with a positive quote like, “I’m amazing!”

  • Donna Gibbs

    First of all thank you for teaching us how to value our self and how it will look. I am grateful for the mantras. Most especially a man must prove his value to me…or something to that effect. I find myself trying to prove my value to men and I don’t need to anymore.

  • “When in doubt, be still.”

    Love it. Be “still”, not freeze or contract!! Agree that this is like a gelato store and I get to try these different beautiful mantras. Have shared on the Global Goddess page.

    Inspiring, Rhonda!

  • Angel

    I could not choose one. I like and can apply to all to my life

  • I’m the shiz-nittle-bam snip-snap-sack!

  • Michelle

    He who wants my heart must earn it.

  • Uma

    I really like the last mantra. I am excited with the woman I am becoming.

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