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What’s Your Biggest Challenge Attracting Successful High Quality Men Online?

Hello Gorgeous !keep-standards-high

It’s Rhonda Cort, the founder of The High Value Woman, and creator of
“Attract Quality Men Online.”

Like you, I have high standards when it comes to men and relationships…

…And last year, I got fed up with all the online dating profile advice the gurus share.

You see, while other programs, books and formulas did an okay job, it wasn’t perfect for the quality and caliber man my clients like to attract. They make your profile look and sound like every other woman’s out there.


So you attract a sea of dull, mediocre, average Joes.

No ambition.
No future.
Not serious.
Not much to offer. 

On the other hand, some tell you to write things that don’t sound quite like you or your personality. Not only do you feel inauthentic, but you attract the WRONG types of men who are attracted to your “Profile Persona” (not the REAL you).


That’s why, after receiving over 200 emails asking me how to attract successful high quality men online, I thought: “Geez! This is going to take at least a year to perfect, and it’s going to cost a bundle!”

But eventually, I thought it would be a FABULOUS idea. After all, I was going to create something my tribe could use to transform their love lives forever.

They would be able to attract high quality men (even affluent or wealthy men)—at will.

They wouldn’t have to settle for the one or two guys who happened to come their way.

They would have CHOICES.

So powerful!

And thus, late 2015, I began working on “Attract Quality Men Online.” After investing a tremendous amount of money and time, I’m going to debut this ground-breaking method to the world.

You’re on the early bird list, meaning you’ll be the first to hear about it. SO thank you for signing up, and you’ll hear more in the next couple days.

In the mean time, do me a quick favor:

Leave a comment below, sharing the biggest problem you have with online dating. 

Write as much as you like, ask as many questions as you like and/or share any situations you’d like support with 🙂

The more you share, the better I can understand your challenges.


With love and in service,

Rhonda Cort
Founder, The High Value Woman™

P.S. If you’re NOT on the Early Bird list for “Attract Quality Men Online” write your #1 challenge in the comment area below and then get on the Early Bird list here!

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24 comments… add one
  • Jacque

    If I may:
    1. How do you draw the line before you share too much about your life with a man you only know online?
    2. What do you think of the men who want to jump right to Skype?
    3. How do you handle a man who contacts you but is not your type: profile or pictures?

  • Kim

    Rhonda, my challenge is meeting someone who isn’t a player and doesn’t play childish games.

  • Robyn

    How do I weed out the time wasters?

  • Mary

    Rhonda, I’m having trouble finding a strong Christian man.

  • Sara

    How to get past the first few dates. And transition into a relationship with him. Please help, some advice!

  • Karen

    Being super busy myself – where and how to meet only high caliber affluent men?

  • Christine

    Rhonda, I know you can meet great guys online, but I’m very busy and it’s too time consuming. Is there a way to cut out all the fluff, time-wasters and attract the right kinds of men? I’ve already wasted too much time!

  • Anne

    Not finding guys who actually fit what I’m looking for or losers who just want a fling or guys who seem interested then just disappear

  • Victoria

    When reading a man’s profile, how can I tell if he is high quality or a
    man looking to ask a woman for money?! I have had this happen numerous times.

  • Tricia

    Men my age are not very attractive. Hard to get past the pics.

  • Marie

    What are their expectations? These men usually go after beautiful perfect 10 women or is this a myth?

  • L

    The job I have right now is not high quality. I burned out 2 years ago lost my job and couldn’t finish my Bachelors degree, so I can’t even get a nice job. I have to work my way up again, but this will take years and this time I’m ‘old’ (33). I feel like I’ve failed in life and that I’m going backwards. What high quality man would want to be with me now.

  • Angelina

    I haven’t started online dating yet

  • Tinna

    Getting no response

  • Allison

    Getting dates to develop into a relationship

  • Nana

    The high caliber men I meet are all attached. How do I meet one who’s single?

  • LaNier

    Men who respond to my profile complimenting me on my looks, but fail to write anything else.

  • Jazzy

    Findling the right Platform

  • Jennifer

    Low quality men who think I’m easy access to a booty call, or they don’t need to try. Plus, I have not been attracted to the men who have reached out in the past.

  • Carmen

    Men who seem to want to rotate through every 3-6 months, addicted to the chase

  • Janey

    They lie about themselves

  • Jennifer

    Finding someone who is genuinely looking for a deep meaningful relationship.

  • Laura

    My challenge would be I can’t seem to get the man I desire like high caliber man. I always get approached by the man I dislike… My problem I guess is I don’t feel deserving enough for them. And I would appreciate tips on how to raise my confidence as it’s a stumbling block.

    • HF

      1) creating the language that speaks to a high quality man online
      2) how much to share about myself
      (meeting men online is a complete new territory for me)

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