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The High Value Woman™

How To Be A High Value Woman (One Thing That Separates High Value Women From Low Value Women)


“Try not to become a man of success.
Rather become a man of value.”
― Albert Einstein

Ever wonder what instantly lowers your value and status with high-caliber, quality men and in relationships?

Lots of women are doing this—and they don’t have a clue.

In today’s short High Value Woman™ Wisdom Podcast, you’ll discover:

  • The ONE THING that separates high value women from low value women
  • 4 practical actions you can take right now to STOP showing low value…

Your Next Steps…

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Ready to start mastering this? Ready to live life based on a strong, solid, high value foundation?

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With love and in service,


Rhonda “Be High Value” Cort

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  • Tricia

    Hi Rhonda,
    Love your podcasts, emails and webinars!
    I totally agree w your advice here of adding value!
    Historically I have Always Over Delivered, so I actually need to do the opposite and Receive!
    It feels weird at first and I am learning to embrace this new behavior!!

    • Rhonda

      Hello Tricia,

      I understand where you’re coming from. It can feel weird when you’re unlearning everything you know. I used to over deliver to people who didn’t merit it. Then I swung to the other side of the pendulum and under delivered (to amazing quality men) out of fear of being used or taken for granted. Make sure you don’t do that either 😉

      I had VERY low self-worth and a DEEP lack of self-love. Once I had a solid foundation of those (and security), I found the right “balance.”



  • Kelly

    Love your information!! Thank you 🙂
    Would you please give me examples of what you mean by “adding value to his life.”
    Thank you, again!

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Kelly,

      There are hundreds of ways to give/add value to another persons’ life. It depends on what he or she needs. I feel society spoon-feeds us. It leaves us wanting a “list” or “an answer.” Instead, it is better to intuit, think, feel and observe. After a lifetime of conditioning, I know this doesn’t feel natural for most women.

      Here is what I feel would be most helpful for you… Pay attention to what he asks for, what frustrates him, his desires and needs…etc. Ask yourself… How can I support him more or better? How can I lessen her stress? Would talking about XZY be good for her right now…or should I wait until a better moment?

      Part of it is about being more emotionally sensitive, attentive to and focused on the other persons needs. I hope this makes sense.

      Best wishes,


  • Tanya

    Rhonda, I have a question, what do I do if all theme I’ve been with (3) have all gone on to healthy relationships.
    Can you tell me why nothing I do gets me a healthy relationship.

    • Rhonda

      Dear Tanya,

      Thanks for sharing. It is impossible for me know what’s going on since we’ve never spoken. However, note that YOU are the common denominator in all 3 relationships. Most women in your situation go on a “working on myself” journey for years–with little result. The challenge is that you can’t see what you can’t see, and you don’t know what you don’t know. You can’t get to a new level of results with your current level of thinking and being.

      I suggest you find someone to work with or at least invest in a program that will help reveal the root cause of your current results. Otherwise, like most women on the planet, you are bound to repeat it for the rest of your life. Always asking yourself “why?” While the truth can be tough to hear, our results never lie. We can never deny it.

      Best wishes for your future,


  • Julie

    Love this podcast…It is so easy in the current world to get caught up in the “what’s in it for me” mentality. Thanks for the gentle reminder that a high value woman adds value and resources to any relationship. Great podcast!

    • Rhonda


      You’re welcome. Glad you loved the podcast and gentle reminder. Yes, it’s so easy to get caught up in WIIFM thinking. Focusing on WIIFT (whats in it for them) is the antidote.

      Much love,


  • Thank you Rhonda! You’re words of wisdom always make me feel stronger and more capable of accomplishing the things I desire!

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Kristy! It’s like a fire. Your feeling stronger and more capable of accomplishing things you desire inspires women around you to feel the same.

      I LOVE the fact that you add BEAUTY to the world through your work. Ladies in the Miami area should come to you for floral arrangements 😉

  • Amanda

    Thank you for putting your positive works into the world, Rhonda. I appreciate your advice and the value you add to the lives of your tribe members, including mine!

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Amanda!

      Thanks for stopping by. A great way to show gratitude is to pass on the value. I cannot grow this tribe without amazing women like YOU. We can never have enough high value women in the world.


  • Emily

    Rhonda, thank you for your inspiration and wisdom! I did your life by design workshop last month and it really helped me to focus more on the direction I want my life to move. One of my desires is to marry a certain man that I have recently met. He travels a lot but the last time I saw him after he dropped me off;I said to myself out loud “I am going to marry that man!” That was two weeks ago and today he called me and told me he plans to marry me! I believe in the power of visualization and will continue to visualize my desires! Thank you!

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Emily!

      I’m thrilled the “High Value Life by Design” workshop helped you focus and discover the direction in which you desire your life to move. You’re living proof that taking that action can attract the desired results in your love life.

      Best wishes with everything!

  • Bethany

    Hi! I just found your site while researching “becoming a high value woman”. I loved this podcast, and have found all of this info to be true, luckily I learned to curb this behavior from past relationships. Fortunately, all of the men I’ve dated in the past (practiced on) have been low value men. Hopefully now I can be the high value woman my current man deserves. I’ll be lurking around here for tips. What are the program’s you offer? I’ll check them out.

  • charryheart

    Thanks in bunches. ..i love your great thoughts, I will add my value. Pls how will I know that I have added my value?

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