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The High Value Woman™

{Podcast #2} The Secret to Timeless Allure & Beauty In Your 40’s, 50’s & Beyond

Listen now to discover the secret to timeless allure and beauty…

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  • Hi Rhonda! I loved it! I love Sophia Loren and really enjoyed these topics. The one I struggle with is the uncommon belief – working on it though and doing things that probably a lot of women my age would say no way! I am taking horse riding lessons twice a week and sailing classes on Sunday! Looking forward to getting stronger physically but accepting and loving myself the way I am TODAY! THANKS FOR THE GREAT PODCASTS!!!

    • Rhonda

      Hello Chrissie!

      You’re very welcome. It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from my grads…especially YOU. I’m glad you’re staying active and positive-minded. About the uncommon belief… Simply choose ONE thing at a time to shift. For example, years a go I refused to believe that certain foods make you fat. Women in Italy and France don’t believe that nonsense. They eat what they want! In moderation. So do I. What ‘makes you fat’ is overeating and emotional eating. The ‘false truths’ the majority accept as The Truth are based on limited thinking and ignorance… Oh, and it helps fuel billion-dollar industries 🙂

      With love,

  • Tyler


    I love your talks, articles, and this new series.
    Every time I visit I your site or read one of your emails I feel more in touch with my feminine energy and I draw an image of how I want to show up as a women in the near future while I’m constantly working on it now.
    I’ve recently turned twenty, but I know that following the advice you’ve given me at this age will help me become the woman of my dreams as grow wiser and more alluring with time.
    Also, I adore the tip about making your mess your success, it’s so true and sometimes very difficult to do.

    Thank you,

    • Rhonda

      Hello Ty,

      Thanks for sharing your love. You’re in the perfect place, at the right time. Having access to this in your early 20’s will save you YEARS of frustration–if you make the shift NOW.

      Glad to have you in the tribe!


  • Susan

    I find your emails so encouraging and look forward to receiving them. I’m working on revitalizing my life and working on challenging myself to live a first class life. I’ve chosen Beyonce’s song Up Grade and I read the mantra “Today I let go of the old and make way for the new to attract my hearts desire.” I’m new to yours site just want to say thank-you.

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Susan! One thing I’d like to share with you… Let of working hard, and instead, “work easy.” We have innate wisdom that knows what’s best for us. Trying too hard and trying to “fix” things gets in the way of it.

      ~ Rhonda

  • Kaylois

    Hi Rhonda,
    Once again, great podcast. I really enjoyed the first one and danced around to my Beyonce song. And I am loving the learning from Loren (how’s that for alliteration!). The item I am looking to work on is belief in uncommon things. I have two common beliefs — one long held and the other more recent. But I have just taken your advice and written them turned around and will use them as a kind of mantra of sorts. So my curvaceous, lush body is just right for me right now and I can learn French. (LOL). Looking forward to the next one.

    • Rhonda

      Hello Kaylois,

      Always a pleasure to hear from my grads! A phrase we ladies (myself included) could drop is “I’m working on/at.” Instead of working hard, go for ease. Just like your body naturally wants to move when you hear a Beyonce song, we have a self-correcting GPS inside that knows what’s next. Just like it occurred to you to turn your “not so fun” thoughts into something delicious…like a curvaceous, lush body.

      I can’t wait to share the MARVELS and secrets that await you in the Iconic Woman program. I’m so glad you enrolled. Talk soon!



  • Vickie

    Thank you Rhonda for ipods1 and 2. I am in my fifties and I am learning and growing every since I was introduced to your sites. Thank you so much. Vickienn1nn1

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Vickie! Even at 50-something years young…you’re still learning. There is no end to it. That’s part of the BEAUTY and JOY of life.

      ~ Rhonda

  • Amanda

    Hi Rhonda
    just listening to your podcasts I realised I Should appreciate my past to move into the future
    The pain I’m going through is only making me stronger to get what I want. Life lessons are a must to grow
    I am going through divorce at this current moment after 12 years of marriage to a man who I allowed to take away my energy and mojo and your podcast came at the right time
    I appreciate your help

  • Aileen

    fair play to you. great tips to empower

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