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Successful Career + Juicy Love Life + High Quality Lifestyle = Impossible?


I had a conversation with an amazing, ambitious—yet very frustrated—woman in her 40’s. She spent 7 years getting degrees and the last 15 building her business. She had reached a level of success women rarely reach, yet something was missing.

She desired a juicy love life with the right, high-caliber man who was emotionally available, loving and financially successful. 

But this wasn’t just about a man, she also desired…

~ A fun social life filled with high quality people who inspire, excite and support her in every area of her life…

~ The freedom to travel the world part of the year—or live internationally—enjoying a beautiful, adventurous and spontaneous life, and…

~ She wanted to enjoy all of this while continuing to grow the financial and career success she’d already created for herself.

To most women, this sounds too good to be true. In fact, if the ‘Old Rhonda’ read this years ago, she would have thought it was reserved for a ‘lucky’ few.

It’s not about luck, there is a reason few women live this kind of lifestyle. I discovered 3 common challenges—invisible to most women—that stand in their way.

In the media, there have been heated debates as to whether we ladies can really ‘have it all?’

After speaking with thousands of women over the years, I realized just how deeply we’re conditioned to automatically think we must sacrifice or trade something we desire for something else.

We feel the pressure to choose:

~ between work and love
~ between family and running a business 
~ between staying fit and building wealth 
~ between our independence and being in a relationship 
~ between [you fill in the blank] with the tradeoff you or your girlfriends are experiencing

We spend decades of our adult years trading off, feeling unfulfilled and in a mentality of lack, austerity and sacrifice. 

It just feels so darned hard!


I’ve found that women face 3 common challenges.

Challenge #1: Hyper-focusing on work

I was chatting with an entrepreneur in her 30’s who came to me for support. She went through a series of bad relationships and decided to take a 6-month break from dating to heal.

She woke up 4 years later, wondering why her love life didn’t ‘just happen?’ She’d bought into one of 5 myths I’ll be sharing in the next article.

You’ve seen this before, heck, you may have even done it.

Unfortunately, lots of women, pushed by feminism, demanding parents and social pressures end up with this challenge.

(By the way, my client is happily dating several handsome, high quality men. I reveal what she did in this series.)

Challenge #2: Working too hard at love 

One of my graduate clients, a highly successful woman in the medical field, had spent two decades of her life without so much as a relationship. She was immersed in her work and thought things would ‘just happen.’

At almost 40, she was starting to feel pressured because she wanted children. For several years, she did EVERYTHING you could think of.

She read dozens of books on relationships. She went to singles events. She took courses on understanding men. She got a makeover. She started dating online. She took self-study courses.

Her inbox was jammed with conflicting advice from dozens of popular gurus. She asked people to set her up or if they knew any good single men. She had her plan, and she was going to make it happen!


Zip. Zilch. Nada.

She only attracted a couple low quality men who didn’t respect her, let alone ask her our on a serious date. She was fed up and was about to give up on online dating for good. That’s when a mutual friend introduced us.

In less than 4 weeks, she attracted 3 high quality men to date using her online profile. She was ecstatic!

We lost touch for a while, until one day, I received an email from her. Within 12 short months, she had met and married her loving, handsome surgeon hubby!

Here’s the email she sent me (minus her private information)

b's email

The problem with working too hard at love is that you emanate a desperate, hurried energy. Even if you don’t consciously feel you do.

Challenge #3: Self-sabotage based on conditioning

I had a chat with a business owner who had realized her dream of living abroad and fell madly in love with a man she’d met there. She was on a high, when everything started to unravel…

Her boyfriend was offered a job in another country. He said he loved her, but didn’t invite her to move with him. He eventually broke things off with her after stringing her along for a year.

Then her career started to tank, so she had to give up her international lifestyle. As she grew more and more depressed, she started comforting herself with food. The extra pounds added to her misery and depression.

At 58, with an extra 40 pounds of weight, she felt she would never recover, let alone find a high quality man who would find her attractive. 

It turns out her parents always sacrificed big.  They never had the lifestyle they really wanted.

When she was growing up, they used to say things like, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” and “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

Subconsciously, she felt guilty about their ‘sacrifice for her’, so every time she had it good in more than one area, something always fell a part.

She told herself, “Well, I’m lucky to have one out of three. It’s better than nothing!”

This is a very dangerous place to be. While we should always be grateful for what we have as it’s the stepping stone to receiving more, this belief is dangerous. It’s the enemy of your true desires.

Today, she runs her own business, is doing well financially, attracted a high quality man into her life and is planning her next international adventure. 

The Key to Experiencing Success In More Than One Area at a Time…

You can have the love life you desire (whatever that looks like for you) and maintain, grow the financial and career success you’ve already created for yourself.

The key is not segmenting ‘areas’ of your life, but realizing they are all connected.

When you focus only on your work—or your love life, it’s like focusing only on inner self-growth–while neglecting your appearance. Or, on the flip side, only focusing on your appearance while ignoring your character and self-development.

Yet we do it for decades of our lives.

No wonder so many women lead such unfulfilling lives!

What did these ladies discover that got them such rapid results?

They discovered the power of having a high value foundation.

When you have a high value foundation, not only do you get to enjoy a delicious, fulfilling love life while growing your professional and financial success…

You go far, far beyond that.

You get a CLU.

You experience a Complete Lifestyle Upgrade.

You have the opportunity to experience a more beautiful and expansive version of life than you’ve every imagined. You already feel it. You have the desire for more. Or you wouldn’t have been drawn to read this at this moment in your life.

Being open to a completely upgraded life is like experiencing the world in color—after having lived decades in black and white. It’s beyond words.

The key is knowing all areas of your life are connected and building them a high value foundation.

In this short series, I’m going to show you how.

That said, there have been many other side benefits of having a high value foundation.

What I’m about to share is not meant to brag, but to show you how much having a high value foundation can transform your life. By choosing the path less travelled, you can create the lifestyle you desire.

#1: How Having a High Value Foundation Consistently Raises the Bar in Your Career & Finances 

When I first started out in business, I couldn’t sell a $97 4-week program to save my life, and making $50 an hour felt like a dream. The struggle was so painful, I wanted to give up many times.

I’m so grateful I didn’t! After using what I’ll be sharing in this series, I went on to enjoy 5-figure months. 

When you have a high value foundation, raising your fees and charging what you’re worth is not an issue.

#2: How Having a High Value Foundation Attracts Wonderful Clients Who Respect You & Pay You Handsomely 

The biggest reward is that I get to use all my gifts to help women entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, entertainers and leaders world-wide raise the bar–personally and professionally.

They gladly invest in my services and programs—even though my fees are on the higher end in the industry. They see the value. I don’t have to beg or convince them. I attract them naturally.

You start to love Mondays! You wake up happy to go to work because you love who you work with, what you do and know you’re getting paid what you desire.

#3: How Having a High Value Foundation Naturally Attracts the Right, High-Caliber Men

In my early twenties, my love life was a mess. I dated men who cheated, were emotionally abusive and unavailable. I was constantly trying to prove value to ‘keep’ them interested.

Until one humiliating night, I decided I was done settling for less. (I’ll tell you what happened in one of the next articles. It’s worse than a soap opera and reality show rolled into one!)

I used the secrets I’ll be sharing with you in this series to break my old relationship patterns and actually start repelling low quality men. (Yes, it can be done)

One day, my one-in-seven-billion Beloved walked into my life. I am not afraid of what will happen in my relationship. I dropped all the insecurity and proving my worth.

You attract the highest-caliber, loving, ambitious, affluent Alpha men who respect you, support you, recognize your genius and see your beauty (inside and out). 

I know that if my relationship should end, it will be my choice to be single or not.

#4: How Having a High Value Foundation Keeps You From Settling for a Less

As a student, I used to work as an assistant fashion designer at Bloomingdale’s & Macy’s headquarters in NYC.

The truth is, the fashion industry is far from glamorous.

It was my job to sort and catalog hundreds of photos from the head designers glam trips to London, Paris, St. Tropez and Milan. I had to sift through bags of clothing samples to find inspiration for our new collections. Then I got to design pieces for upcoming collections—with the company name on it.

I lived vicariously through other people’s more adventurous and interesting lives.

Ugghhh! I hated it!

I used to look down at Madison Square Garden (from the window of our skyscraper), and wonder, “Is this all I have to look forward to once I graduate?”

A high value foundation gave me the courage to sell everything and buy a one-way ticket to Europe. I didn’t speak the language. I had no connections. I had no work lined up.

Within a year, I had started my first venture, and went on to launch ventures in 3 more countries. I have been a serial entrepreneur ever since and never worked for anyone else.

Today, I am blessed to live internationally and travel the world mentoring women from 70 countries. I truly love my life, and I owe it all to having a high value foundation!


I’m still amazed…

My high value foundation is the reason why I was able to build a highly profitable business, attract the right, high-caliber man, have the freedom to live internationally, and the confidence to realize my true desires—no matter how big, scary or out there.

The big question is how do you build an unshakable, high value foundation—in YOUR QUEST to enjoy a passionate fulfilling love life and live the lifestyle you know you were meant to—as a woman who has reached a certain level of success? 

That’s why I’m proud to announce a new series that I’ll be running for The High Value Woman tribe over the next few days.

(This is where you’ll get deliciously practical tips you can implement in your life right now).

  • I’m going to take you behind the scenes of how I created what I have, and how I help my clients and students do the same.
  • I’m going to bust common myths wide open. (Cause you’ve likely wasted months–if not years of your life believing them. I have!)
  • I’m going to reveal some specific strategies YOU can use to start getting a complete lifestyle upgrade today.
  • And much more.

All-in-all, by the end of this series, I hope to empower thousands of women to start creating a WHOLE life that brings them joy, fulfillment and more success on their own terms…no matter what that looks like.

So, if you’re not part of our tribe yet, make sure you JOIN US to ensure you don’t miss out. (Free 25-minute mentoring audio included!)

And if you LOVE what this series stands for, take a second and share this with a girlfriend. Want to reach tens of thousands of women, and with your help, we can do it!

In the mean time, I want you to leave a comment and answer this one simple question:

Do you believe you can have what you desire in your love life, work life and lifestyle—no matter what that looks like?

  • If yes, what do you want? Describe it in detail, and explain how you’d like this series to help you co-create it.
  • If no, tell me more. What do you want? Describe it. Why don’t you think you can have it?

Also, know this:

I’m still putting this content together right now. So, if you’ve got any specific questions about this leave a comment asking your question, and I may be able to work it into this series.

With love and in service,

P.S. Not a member of our tribe? Make sure you JOIN US to ensure you don’t miss out. (Cool welcome gift included!)
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12 comments… add one
  • Ruth

    I belive I cannlive all my desires on my terms, I don’t have the foundation or the access to the right systems to ground high value in my life for all areas and to belive that the dual life is possible, right now I feel I’m too enveloped in obsessing over love and not enough time to invest in the adventure of my career, Very anticipating to learn more.

    • Rhonda


      I’m glad to see you believe you CAN have your desires and live life on YOUR OWN terms. One of the mindset shifts I suggest you make is to not see this as a “dual life.” It’s all connected.

      The moment we see duality, we’re telling ourselves there’s a separation. Separation leads to ‘either/or’ thinking. All ‘areas’ of our life create the WHOLE. Focus on the whole. Focus on what you DO have, and stay tuned as I share more.


  • Every time I read your articles, I get a sudden boost in my confidence and feel empowered. Thank you for writing such inspiring articles. You’re going to continue to live a blessed life because you give out such positive energy to the world.


    • Rhonda


      I love it when tribe members let us know our work is making a difference in their lives. Your thoughts and words are just as important as mine. They infuse inspiration, joy, beauty and love into my life.

      I do what I do because if I stopped, I couldn’t bear to live such a life. It is my desire to inspire women world-wide to not settle and to create whole, fulfilling lives on their own terms. Life is too short to live someone else’s life.

      Gratitude & love,

  • Laurence

    You are such an inspiration! After a soul shattering divorce, I decided to re-discover who I am and regain my self esteem and confidence. It was such hard work, but I now reap the rewards: at 42,
    I look and feel better than ever, I am an assertive, confident but kind person and I attract a lot of quality men who see me as their potential long term partner because “You are unique and I know I can build a solid relationship with you, one where we’ll respect and support each other” (Ladies, do not underestimate the power of letting your man know you will always be in his corner!). I am very fulfilled in my career (I am a teacher: not much money but I am lucky to be truly passionate about my job). Last year I found the courage to open my own school and business is developing at a good rate. I also have 2 wonderful daughters and a wonderful fiancé. Yes, you can have it all! Thank you so much for giving women around the world the opportunity to live an amazing life…

    • Rhonda

      You’re welcome Laurence!

      I’m thrilled you’re doing so well, and honored to have you as a beautiful tribe member. Women who have the courage to share their stories, like you, make this tribe a warmer, more supportive place. You, too, are an inspiration.

      Love & gratitude,

  • Bev

    YES!! I do believe I can have my desires met in all areas of my life. I do firmly believe I can have the house of my dreams, the man of my dreams and the career of my dreams. Although a single mom, I look forward to traveling domestically and internationally with my children. My issue seems to be a little duality. I expect to learn more about dissolving that issue to move on and attain my goals sooner rather than later. I am not an extroverted person so this is going to be a bit challenging for me.

  • kamy

    I am still learning who i really am post a 15 year marriage, sudden divorce I’m 4 almost 5 years post divorce. I also have zero support, it’s declined to zero being a single parent and just now learning “taking care of myself” is necessary. My kids are ages where they can do for themselves but I don’t want to waste anymore of their childhood or my time with them. My career in the medical field is demanding but i have a job I care alot about, its easy for the most part and I get by with money but not much with savings. I’ve dated since divorce and tried relationships with men that have declined in caliberness. Truth is I’ve not been able to see a happy right now or future since divorce. When alone, I just get by and survive. When in a relationship i feel stronger and motivated. I think its simply support that I’m lacking. Friends all moved on with other marriages, I don’t have parents and friends never make time. I don’t know what to do to jump start. What to practice. The reality of my life is just now getting to a hopeless point. I want a family, a house with my kids and husband and travel and fun social life, trips, start a business, help abused kids, make a vegetable garden, I want my life to start again. I was at the beginning of it finally starting and it took years for me just to survive. I feel lonely and sick I just want to do whatever the work is i just have no idea, i’ve tried everything i can afford and think of. Your words resonate with me I’m hoping a mentor or something like that will help. But how do i invest in support exactly?

    • Sammy

      I feel so much like Kmay, but I’m at the other end. I had all those things and much,much, more that she writes. The things we all want as we get older w a partner. I had it all. I had the lifestyle that people reach for. ((Exact words too from 3 MC)) I use to say to my friends, whomever is left, I had it all! I was soooo lucky!

      Then the 30 yr of our marriage, husband had an affair . Crashed our whole marriage, my whole life.

      I am now at 61 lost . Sooo lost. No friends, no family. I’ve done the volunteering route, the courses route, the single gal at the bar route, the museums route, the sporting event route, the part time job route… None of it good. My life is lonely, depressing, as I am just getting out finally of a worst state of depression I have ever ever experienced, for how my husband changed our world. All he wants now is us back, but it’s all different now. I have no idea if the 30 yrs I shared are what they really were, as he had opportunities to cheat everyday day w out me ever knowing.

      So Rhonda, how do I become the women I was or even to try to get back to the level of who she once was, as I have never worked in 35 yrs…and sooo scared of life now.

      Thank you for reading,


  • Bibi

    Hi Rhonda,
    I believe I can have what I desire in my love life, work life and lifestyle—no matter what that looks like. I believe that what has enabled me to attract this type of empowering message that you bring has been to develop a strong value system. It becomes a shield of light around me that encompasses all areas of my life so that I think of these areas holistically as opposed to compartments. Once I was clear on what my value system was, I went ahead and prioritized it. This made decision making much easier. Most people chase after what they believe will make them happy and accumulate a great job, a lovable mate and children and yet still feel empty inside. They may have a value system but have not spent the time to put them in an order. When a decision point arrives in their life, they chose the wrong thing to invest their time in vs. what will make them happy. I think that a strong value system is the essence of happiness will help women realize that happiness and internal peace is not external. It must start on the inside otherwise we’ll be caught up chasing after things and end up asking ourselves what went wrong. I believe its the journey that counts. My Value System is (in this order):
    1) Spirituality
    2) Health and Wellbeing
    3) Family and Friends
    4) Career
    I have goals within each value system and then sought mentorship in order to help guide me to increase and “up” the level in an area that was not as strong as I wanted it to be. I check this value wheel and make sure my decisions are aligned with that and switch up goals within them to make sure I am maintaining that level of happiness I desire.

  • Ebinimi

    First of all I prayed that God will give you more wisdom and knowledge on more series of articles. I want to do exactly what you advise and I know with God the sky will be my limit, thank for your encouraging words.

  • Munchkins

    Hi Rhonda,

    I would like to believe that I can live the life I want, be successful in my career, be able to travel, raise a wonderful family AND have the man of my dreams who treats me with respect and values me, however I honestly can’t say I believe it. I’ve always felt that my career is in my hands – up until this year where I’ve found it quite difficult to change jobs to a more fulfillinf and better-paying role. I also feel that my social life is very largely in my hands, especially since I did a complete 180 and made a whole bunch of new friends in the space of 2 years, and now have a fulfilling social life. BUT the only source of contention I still have (where I still rack my brains and am left always confused and dumb-founded) would be my love life. I have no problems in attracting a man (even high quality men) but it seems like keeping him is a whole other issue. So this is probably why I feel like it would be wonderful to have such a thing, but maybe it’s not in the cards for me? I am hopeful that you can help change my mindset in this regard, maybe be a bit less cynical when it comes to relationships.

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